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Wethos is an outsourcing platform that’s bringing highly skilled professionals in marketing,

fundraising, finance & IT to the ever expanding and world changing nonprofit sector.

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We are united by the belief that nonprofits simply deserve better.

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About Us

Wethos was started by 3 ex-advertising women with a mission to bring highly-skilled, socially conscious freelancers to the ever expanding and world changing nonprofit sector. The Wethos team believes that nonprofits are the most important part of our economy and that they fight day-in and day-out to solve our communities toughest problems. The women and men of the nonprofit sector deserve access to better, faster, and more reliable resources, and Wethos has set out to do just that.


Launching at the end of this summer with 200 nonprofit organizations and 1,000 freelancers, Wethos aims to improve the way nonprofits outsource, and give anyone within a skilled discipline the power to add value to their lives by doing work for causes they really believe in.

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