National 360 Awareness Campaign


3 Weeks


Tourette Association of America



A lack of diagnosis

The CDC reports that each year 50% of children go undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness from their parents, teachers and doctors. The stigmas and misunderstanding around Tourettes creates a poor environment for these children to thrive, ultimately holding back a generation filled with potential.



A 4-week 360 national awareness campaign

After 45 years of dedicated service to the Tourette community and in partnership with the CDC, Tourette Association of America set out to raise awareness and educate the public on a lack of diagnosis in children through digital programmatic billboards and a highly targeted paid social and digital media campaign.



Over 4M+ people reached with our message



New website sessions


Clicks from Facebook


Impressions from our billboards


Impressions from our social media campaign


Sweeping the nation with our message

With a nation-wide programmatic campaign we were able to reach people in high-traffic areas at times in which we knew areas would be the most populated with our audience. Using algorithmic solutions and geo-targeting, our creative rotated and optimized for the biggest impact at locations around doctors offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, and offices, where we knew our audience would be.

Facebook and Instagram

Although less money was invested into the digital platforms, we saw a massive spike in site traffic (45%) when the paid social campaign went live 2 weeks after the digital out of home. On digital platforms TAA’s campaign blew industry standards out of the water with a highly engaged audience of people who were clearly seeking clarity and additional information.

A huge spike in site traffic

Beyond the homepage, traffic went primarily to once people were on-site, indicating that they were seeking answers and engaged with the information. The average time spent on-site was 200% higher than industry standards with a low bounce rate which shows the information they saw was what they were looking for.

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