What It Takes To Earn 142 Million Media Impressions

Nearly 50% of children with symptoms of Tourette Syndrome (TS) go undiagnosed. That’s where the Tourette Association of America (TAA) comes in. TAA is a national nonprofit dedicated to making life better for all people affected by TS by raising public awareness and countering media stereotypes about it.


6 months


Tourette Association of America (TAA)

Public relations campaign



Kate Lino Communications Strategy Specialist, Fort Worth, TX

Kosi Harris PR Media Specialist, Brooklyn, NY

Symphony Lowe Team Lead, Dallas, TX



A lack of support to execute on an agile, rapid-response PR strategy

TAA had an existing PR strategy, but they lacked the support needed to respond swiftly to stories about TS in the news.

They needed a team that understood the always-on world of PR and how to leverage national media attention on shows like GMA and The Today Show to become known for being the premier nonprofit for resources and information about TS.


Proactive pitching on topics about TS

The client had 3 goals for this campaign: 1) Destigmatize TS in the media, 2) React timely to national media attention, and 3) Increase TAA’s thought leadership.

A more planned-out PR approach wasn’t quite working to accomplish those goals, so the Wethos team agreed it was time to pivot from the original strategy to react more quickly to current events and news about TS. 

The ability to evolve and shift the strategy allowed the team to move nimbly and connect to the overall conversation around TS as it popped up in the media.



Destigmatization of TS, a plethora of national media attention for the client, and the rise of TAA as a thought leader

Because the Wethos team had a strong pulse on what was happening in the larger news cycle, news stories about David Begnaud and Billie Eilish talking about TS were leveraged.

Additionally, website traffic increased as a result of TAA being mentioned directly and because resources linking back to TAA were shared in the media.


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“I was really proud that our team helped tell the incredible stories of people in the TS Community and worked to correct the gross inaccuracies and stereotypes of people with TS.”

Kate Lino
Communications Strategy Specialist