Why This Startup
Chose Wethos Over
a Full In-House Team

Hundreds of pounds of flowers wind up in the trash after every wedding, corporate event, and awards gala. 

Repeat Roses is a startup on a mission to end this single-use floral trend. They transform event arrangements into bouquets that bring joy to those in hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters, then compost the blooms to keep waste out of landfills.


8 months


Repeat Roses

CRM, Newsletter, Branding, Video Editing, Web, & UX Design



Janel Kinlaw Team Lead, Raleigh, NC
Alia Salim Content Specialist, Berkeley, CA
Emily Holbrook Content Specialist, Denver, CO
Claire Lacy Design Specialist, Chicago, IL
Lindsay Hickey Development Specialist, Chicago, IL
Aaron Cohn Development Specialist, New York City, NY
Chuck Munson Development Specialist, Kansas City, MO
Shawn Hayward Development Specialist, Corvallis, OR



Startups require support and effective systems to grow, and that’s exactly what Repeat Roses needed

Business was blooming, but this client needed an extra set of hands at a fraction of what it would cost to hire full-time employees. Enter Wethos. Our specialists have the expertise to solve your tough problems, without breaking the bank.

A solid foundation was rooted when Repeat Roses invested in a comprehensive CRM system, but they needed help creating efficiency in the pipeline and optimizing the system.

They also had an upcoming high profile, public-facing sustainability event to prepare for. While the CEO focused on the event, she wanted to tap into the skill sets of a Wethos team to create consistent messaging and visuals for the brand.


Invest in Wethos to save time and money

Startups are versatile, adaptable, and agile. So are we.

Initially, the client came to us with the goal of maximizing the CRM system they invested in. Along the way, Wethos and Repeat Roses agreed more could be done to increase efficiency in their workflow and create a consistent brand. 

Wethos quickly implemented systems to capture leads on the newsletter, properly import data into the CRM, and create a cohesive brand to support the work Repeat Roses was doing.



An agile team who helped Repeat Roses optimize their systems and create visually consistent messaging

As a startup, the expertise and agility of a Wethos team was invaluable. When Repeat Roses needed more help than they had originally planned, it was easier for Wethos to pivot and adjust to the increased workload rather than bring on a full-time hire.

In the end, it was the brand refresh (something the client didn’t know they needed at the beginning) that was a huge step forward for the business.


Forget the hassle of hiring a full staff in-house


“A colleague recommended Wethos because they were focused on social impact and that immediately stood out to me. There are thousands of UX freelancers, designers, and agencies that offer so many ways of working together, but it was this one commonality that united all of us in the same purpose.”



“The speed at which Wethos teams work is special. It’s exciting too. It’s made possible because the freelancers Wethos works with are top-notch, and everybody’s in it for the social good too.”

Aaron Cohn
Development Specialist