Project Management Process Guidelines

January 2, 2019


This will be fun we swear!


Why are we here?

Because we’re scaling. And we’re scaling fast. Thank you all for joining the team, and staying with us through a tumultuous first few months where we've closed nearly $1M in sales.

But as we know, growth doesn’t come without its pain points - and process might be our biggest one. We’re going to lay the groundwork for how you should be working to work out some of the kinks, with weekly check-ins to talk through pain points and potential optimizations or pieces of feedback for this process as we know it will always be able to be improved.

What matters to us?


We’re the first collaborative platform connecting teams of specialists together to tackle projects they’re passionate about. To accomplish this, each Wethos Team is supported by a Team Lead and a process that makes it seamless to work together, identify what’s needed, and produce beautiful work.


To be known as the most ethical, inclusive, and easy-to-use collaborative teaming platform where freelancers are able to collaborate on projects with other like-minded, passionate experts.

Goals & Key performance indicators

  1. 90% of clients have positive sentiment and 75% are coming back for more than one project

  2. 90% of specialists have positive sentiment and are hoping to come back to work on another project

  3. 90% of the specialists sourced are considered a good match for the project and stay on start to finish

  4. 40% of timelines created are met or are extended by no more than three weeks

  5. 100% of projects come in on budget

team lead assessments (monthly)

  1. Are the clients and freelance team members happy with their experience with Wethos?

  2. Were the teams formed and onboarded smoothly? Was communication clear and the next steps made easy for each member of the team?

  3. Were problems flagged early? Were proactive, solutions-oriented steps taken by the team to solve problems collaboratively?

  4. Did the projects complete on time, on budget, and with quality work?


Roles & Responsibilities

Great teaming requires trust, distributed leadership, reliability, and shared understanding. At present, there are six roles involved in executing and deploying teams at scale with each stakeholder being a vital part in our collective success.


The Process Owner

  • Define mission, vision, goals, tactics, KPIs, and measures of processes

  • Organize material and write process documents

  • Edit, standardize, or make changes to documents

  • Monitor and report process performance

  • Enforce process standards


The Documentation Writer

  • Maintain an accurate, up-to-date filing system

  • Compile all necessary documentation, files, and notes for a project kick-off

  • Make sure documents are available to all stakeholders

  • Archive, store, and destroy obsolete documents


The Team Lead

  • Work with Team Strategists to close sales and create timelines

  • Work with Resource Manager to source and brief team members

  • Create and manage timelines and due dates

  • Send deliverables and track feedback

  • Review deliverables to ensure they are on-brief and all feedback is incorporated

  • Schedule calls and presentations

  • Flag issues or out of scope work to the Director of Accounts

  • Send weekly recaps on progress, blockers, and upcoming due dates


The Director of Accounts

  • Provide general oversight of projects and project management

  • Manage client expectations and grow existing business within accounts

  • Flag work that is out of scope to client

  • Ensure all paperwork is signed by both clients and freelancers

  • Track billing cycles, invoices, and contracts

  • Work with bookkeeper to actualize revenue on a monthly basis


The Resource Manager

  • Search and locate qualified freelancers to fill specialist roles

  • Provide emails, bios, and portfolio links to Team Leads

  • Source additional freelancer team members as needed


Great teaming requires trust, distributed leadership, reliability, and shared understanding.


Process Flow Chart

Asset 7@3x.png
Asset 21@3x.png

Step-by-Step Guidelines

Inquiry Call


Asset 3@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

initiating the sales process

  • Team Strategist and Documentation Writer take the initial call

  • Documentation Writer adds notes in the prospect’s contact card in Hubspot

  • If the initial call is a general inquiry…

    • Team Strategist sends over general sales materials and adds the lead to the re-engagement funnel

    • Documentation Writer creates a reminder for the Team Strategist to follow up in two weeks (or within whatever timeframe the prospect may have stated they would have a project)

  • If the initial call turns into a project, the Team Strategist will create an Action Plan and begin negotiations (see below)


Action Plans & SOWs




Asset 9@3x.png
Asset 11@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

creating an action plan

  • The Team Strategist creates an Action Plan, records a video reviewing the plan, and sends both to the prospect

  • Once the Team Strategist is ~70% sure the project will close, the Team Strategist notifies the DoA that a Team Lead is needed (see process for determining availability below)

  • The Team Strategist introduces the Team Lead to the email thread and includes the Team Lead in all client communication going forward

  • If requested, the Team Lead creates a more detailed project timeline than what is outlined in the Action Plan

determining team lead availability for new projects

When a new contract is about to be signed, the DoA will reach out to the Team Leads via Slack to see who is available to join the project. Team Leads will check in with the DoA on the weekly Team Lead Status call regarding their capacity for new projects.


Contracts & Invoices




Asset 12@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

preparing for signature

  • When client signature is imminent, the Team Strategist introduces the Director of Accounts to the email chain and shares the final version of the Action Plan with the Documentation Writer

  • Using the final version of the Action Plan as a template, the Documentation Writer creates three new documents:

    • (1) Organization Statement of Work (Org SOW)

      • Action Plan + Terms and Termination + Signature Page

    • (2) Sourcing Action Plan

      • Scope of Work + Anticipated Timeline only

    • (3) Freelancer Statement of Work (FL SOW)

      • Scope of Work + Anticipated Timeline + Payment + Signature Page

  • The Documentation Writer saves the documents in Drive (Sales Team Drive > Clients > Client Name > Project> and shares the three documents with the DoA for final review

Signing the Org statement of work

  • Upon confirmation from Team Strategist and/or the client, the DoA provides instructions and contact information to the Documentation Writer

  • The Documentation Writer sends the appropriate documents to the client for signature via HelloSign

  • When the client returns the documents via HelloSign, the DoA…

    • Countersigns the documents

    • Creates an invoice in QuickBooks

    • Sends the countersigned documents and the invoice link to the client (bcc-ing the Team Strategist, Documentation Writer, and Team Lead for visibility)

    • Opens a project channel in Slack and adds the Team Strategist, Documentation Writer, Resource Manager, and Team Lead

  • When the Documentation Writer receives the countersigned documents, they…

    • Save the countersigned Org SOW and GSA in the Client folder on the Sales Team Drive

    • Add invoice dates, amounts, and a link to the Org SOW on the Finance Google Calendar

    • Attach the Sourcing Action Plan (not the Statements of Work) to the Hubspot Deal card

    • Move the associated Hubspot Deal card to “Scope Signed,” which notifies the Resource Manager that there is a new project to be sourced

    • Create a new project folder in Google Drive

    • Add call notes and/or documents gathered during the Sales process to the project folder

    • Share the project folder with the Team Strategist, DoA, Resource Manager, and Team Lead


Sourcing a Project




Asset 1@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

assembling a project team

When assembling specialists for a project team, we seek to balance veteran freelancers and new freelancers from our network. Therefore, within 24 hours of the Org SOW being signed…

  • The Team Strategist and/or DoA will recommend at least one known freelancer for each Team Specialist role

  • The Resource Manager will identify at least two additional freelancers from the database for each Team Specialist role

briefing the internal team

  • Once the Org SOW has been signed, the Team Strategist records a project brief video and shares it in the project channel on Slack

  • The DoA, Resource Manager, and Team Lead…

    • Review the project brief video within 24 hours of the video being shared

    • Ask any questions needed to source and brief the team

  • The Team Lead saves the video and any additional notes in the project folder on Google Drive

assembling the team

  • Within 24 hours of the Org SOW being signed…

    • The Team Lead should have names and contact information for at least three freelancers – one suggestion from the Team Strategist and/or DoA and two freelancers identified by the Resource Manager – for each Team Specialist role

    • The Team Lead emails the 3+ freelancers (template) and collects responses

  • Within 48 hours of the Org SOW being signed…

    • The Team Lead sends a summary email to the Team Strategist, DoA, and Resource Manager of who is available for the project

re-sourcing the team if specialists can’t be confirmed

  • What if no one responds within the 4-hour response window? The Resource Manager pulls all emails from the database under the skill and uses the sourcing email template to reach out to a larger group of potential freelancers, looping in the Team Lead when a freelancer has been identified

  • What is the recommended Team Specialists aren’t available and/or no one in the database has the capabilities for a particular project? The Resource Manager and/or Communications Team will source outside of the Wethos network, looping in the Team Lead when a freelancer has been identified

signing the Freelancer statement of work

  • Once the Team Lead shares the Team Specialists, the DoA confirms the list and provides the Documentation Writer with the names/emails of the Team Specialists

  • The Documentation Writer sends the Freelancer SOW via HelloSign

  • When the Team Specialists return the documents via HelloSign, the DoA…

    • Sends the countersigned Freelancer SOW back to the Team Specialist(s) (bcc-ing the Documentation Writer and the Team Lead for visibility)

    • Invites the Team Specialist(s) to Slack and Justworks

  • The Documentation Writer…

    • Saves the countersigned documents in the client folder on the Sales Team Drive

    • Adds the freelancer payments to the Finance Google Calendar

Team Kickoff




Asset 10@3x.png
Asset 14@3x.png
Asset 11@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

Preparing for kickoff

To kick off the project, two calls need to be scheduled – an Internal Kickoff Call and an External/Client Kickoff Call. Typically, these calls are back-to-back, but based on availability, that might not be possible.

  • Internal Kickoff Call (ideally scheduled for the 30 minutes directly before the External Kickoff Call )

    • For Team Strategist, DoA, Team Lead, Team Specialists

    • Agenda: team introductions, briefing questions from freelancers, timeline review, questions around process/payment

  • External Kickoff Call

    • For Client, DoA, Team Lead, Team Specialists

    • Agenda: team introductions, client to discuss mission and project goals, freelancers to ask questions, timeline review

Scheduling the Kickoff Calls

  • When the Team Lead receives the countersigned Freelancer SOW email, the Team Lead sends a Welcome Email (template) to the Team Specialist requesting the following information:

    • A short bio for the Project Kickoff Email

    • Availability for the internal and external kickoff calls

    • Availability for a weekly internal alignment call

  • Based on the team members’ collective responses, the Team Lead determines the best options for scheduling the 30-minute Internal Kickoff Call and the 30-minute External/Client Kickoff Call

  • The Team Lead sends the Project Kickoff Email (template) to the client with the proposed call times (cc-ing the Team Strategist and DoA)

When the client confirms the date/time, the Team Lead sends two separate calendar invites for the two calls.

Getting your (file) house in order

  • At this point, the Team Lead can start setting up their Google Drive file structure using the New Project Template and the Team Lead Project Files for reference. All files should be shared with the DoA and Documentation Writer.


Ongoing Project Management




Asset 16@3x.png
Asset 15@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

Finalizing the timeline

  • Before the Kickoff Calls, the Team Lead:

    • Updates the project brief and timeline

    • Shares the project folders with the Team Specialists and the client

    • Pins the project brief and timeline links to the project channel in Slack

Project timelines are created and updated by the Team Lead and shared with the Team Specialists in the project folder. Over the course of the project, the Team Lead is responsible for keeping the project on time and flagging to the DoA and the client if there are any potential issues that may affect the final deliverable date.

Updating on project status on a daily and weekly basis

Team Leads are required to provide the following updates:

  • DAILY by 6pm ET, Monday through Friday: Update the Project Status Google Sheet with a short summary of the day’s project progress and/or blockers

  • WEEKLY at 1pm ET on Tuesdays: Join the Team Lead Status Call

    • If the Team Lead cannot join the call, they should notify the DoA and schedule a 15-minute call with the DoA no later than EOD Wednesday

  • WEEKLY by 6pm ET on Fridays: Send a project recap (template) to the client, DoA, and Team Specialists (bcc-ing the Team Strategist)

    • The purpose of this message is to:

      • Outline what was completed over the last 7 days

      • Set expectations for what’s on deck for the next week

      • Keep the client and the Team Specialists aligned on deadlines and expectations

  • WEEKLY by 6pm ET on Fridays: Copy the “This Week” and “Next Week” sections of the project recap email to the project channel in Slack

Reviewing deliverables and requesting feedback

  • For each deliverable, the Team Specialist…

    • Uploads their individual deliverable(s) to the project folder

Team Leads are responsible for advising the Team Specialists on where and how to save the deliverables, organizing the project folders, and managing the sharing settings for the team and the client.

  • Tags the Team Lead via Slack

  • Provides their availability for reviewing with the client (or provides a link to a Loom video describing the deliverable)

  • The Team Lead reviews the deliverable, ensuring that all revisions have been addressed and brand guidelines have been followed

To be clear, the Team Lead is reviewing to ensure that the work is done correctly and within scope. The Team Lead is not providing feedback on creative direction.

  • When the Team Lead is ready to send the deliverable(s) to the client, they

    • Format the appropriate tabs of the Feedback Tracking Document (template)

Every deliverable will have its own Feedback Tracking Document.

  • Send the Feedback Tracking Document and the deliverable(s) to the client via Google Drive (either a Doc or PDF)

  • Schedule a call for the Team Specialist and the client to review

Presenting Deliverables to the client

  • Whenever possible, Team Specialists should present their own work to the client

  • Team Leads support by:

    • Reviewing and sending materials ahead of the call

    • Asking clarifying questions during the call

    • Taking notes and updating the Feedback Tracking Document as needed

    • Summarizing next steps at the end of the call

    • Sending a meeting recap immediately after the call

REviewing and sharing feedback with the freelance team

  • Upon receipt of the Feedback Tracking Document from the client, the Team Lead:

    • Reviews the Feedback Tracking Document and the marked up deliverable

    • Consolidates any redundant comments and links the individual mark-up notes from the deliverable to the Feedback Tracking Document

    • Assigns the individual feedback items in the Feedback Tracking Document to the appropriate Team Specialist(s)

Releasing Project Points to Freelancers

Upon the completion of individual deliverables outlined in the Freelancer SOW, the Team Lead is to complete this Type Form to release points.

managing projects and handling issues

Team Leads are expected to independently handle the following issues:

  • Timelines missed by freelancers or clients

    • To get ahead of this particular issue, the Team Lead should send an email reminder 12-24 hours ahead of an expected deliverable or round of feedback (e.g. “Looking forward to receiving ___ tomorrow!”)

    • The Team Lead should also communicate expectations in weekly emails and follow-up within 4 hours of a missed deliverable or round of feedback

  • Requests for project timelines/deliverables to be pushed back

  • Questions about the project that can be answered by reaching out to the client

  • Questions about deliverables and/or feedback that can be answered by the Team Specialists and/or the client

Flagging potential issues to the director of accounts

  • That said, it is always ok to err on the side of caution and loop the DoA if there’s a potential issue including, but not limited to, the following:

    • The client is unhappy or upset

    • The client has requested something that is out of scope (including additional rounds of revision)

    • A Team Specialist has flagged that they are out of scope

    • A Team Specialist needs to be removed/replaced

    • There is confusion that cannot be resolved by reaching out and asking the Team Specialists and/or the client directly






Asset 17@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

Releasing Points to team specialists

Team Leads are responsible for filling out this Type Form to release project points as deliverables are completed by Team Specialists.

Releasing Points to team Leads

The DoA releases points for Team Leads on a monthly basis.

Approving and Processing Payments

The DoA approves and processes all Team Lead and Team Specialist payments and will automatically disburse funds to Team Specialists and Team Leads with accumulated points on the first Friday of the month via Justworks.

Managing Increases/Additions to the Scope of Work

  • It is the Team Specialist’s responsibility to cease work and alert the Team Lead as soon they feel they are, or soon will be, working out of scope

  • Team Specialists will not be compensated over the points as outlined above without written approval by the Team Lead.

Invoicing the Client

  • The DoA handles all invoicing and payments for the client via QuickBooks according to the payment schedule outlined in the Org SOW

  • For Out of Pocket (OOP) expenses:

    • Team Specialists must get all OOPs approved by the Team Lead and provide receipts in order to be reimbursed for any OOPs

    • All OOPs (e.g. domain names, media, etc.) should be tracked by the Team Lead on an ongoing basis and shared with the DoA in a Google Sheet within two days of the final deliverable(s) being sent to the client

    • OOPs will be billed in a final invoice upon project completion

Asset 4@3x.png

Project wrap up




Asset 12@3x.png
Asset 13@3x.png


Asset 6@3x.png

finalizing creative

  • Upon final delivery to the client, the Team Lead…

    • Makes a copy of the final creative

    • Saves it in a project sub-folder on Google Drive

    • Shares the project sub-folder link in the Team Lead channel

  • The DoA will notify the Comms Team if/when they’re able to share after approval is received on the wrap-up call

Scheduling an external wrap up call

Within 48 hours of final delivery, the Team Lead requests a 15-minute call for the DoA, Documentation Writer, and the client to discuss how the project went and to explore future opportunities. The Team Lead will not attend this call.

Scheduling an internal wrap up call

The Team Lead also schedules a 15-minute call for the DoA, Resource Manager, and Team Specialists to review the project. The Team Lead will not attend this call.

Closing the project and Gathering feedback

Asset 5@3x.png