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Our vision is to create a new, purpose-driven economy where doing good and making money can live together.


 Our mission

The Power of the People

Wethos is the first collaborative freelance platform built to connect highly-skilled professionals together to service an understaffed and overworked social good space. Our vision is to create a world where doing good and making money are no longer mutually exclusive, and to give mission-driven organizations the affordable and effective resourcing solution that they deserve. Why a revolution? Because revolutions begin and end with the power of people, and we’re only as good as our people.

revolution. noun
“a pervasive, sudden, and wide-reaching change in society in favor of a new system.”


Our People are Guided by 3 Main Principles



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The social sector is actively tackling some of the most complex, world-changing problems that have plagued society for decades. We make a commitment to joining that fight and using our skills to support organizations that are dedicated to pushing the world forward.



The age of individualism is over. We strive to build a community that is powered by people, to put the good of the group ahead of ourselves, and to find motivation in selflessness, not selfishness.


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In a world that has yet to fully repair its harmful divisions, we believe in the difference between right and wrong, and we put fundamental human rights and equality at the forefront of everything we believe in. We never blindly follow someone because they may be “on our side”, we stand with anyone who aims to push us toward a more equitable world.

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Fighting for a future of more meaningful work.

Wethos was founded in 2016 by three ex-advertising execs who left to fight for a more equitable world. Based in NYC, Rachel, Kristen & Claire took the company from the three of them in coffee shops working side jobs just to get by, to $1.6M in venture capital, 4,000 freelancers & 400 nonprofits, and a community hell-bent on changing the way the world sees charity. While growing Wethos, the founders remain activists in many areas they’re passionate about including diversity & inclusion, human & civil rights, women’s rights & sexual harassment and more.

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Rachel Renock , Claire Humphreys , Kristen Ablamsky

as a culture, it is shameful how we treat our nonprofits. we’re condescending, dismissive, and we put sexist restrictions on how a sector made up of 74% women spends its money. it’s time to change that narrative.
— rachel renock | cofounder & ceo, wethos

We’re interesting and cool, we swear

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