Wethos Teams Code of Conduct

Wethos is committed to assembling great teams of mission-driven freelancers to help nonprofits tackle the world’s problems.

We believe that great teams:

  • Are energized by a common goal

  • Treat each other with respect

  • Have a sense of shared accountability to each other and to their clients

  • Dedicate themselves to continuously learning and improving

This code describes the behaviors we expect from you as a freelancer joining us in pursuit of this vision. It also describes the behaviors that you can expect from us.


Standards of behavior


All Wethos Teams freelancers are expected to treat their fellow team members with respect and empathy. As a Wethos Team freelancer, we expect that you will:

  • Use welcoming and inclusive language

  • Be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences

  • Gracefully accept constructive criticism

  • Be mindful of the communications challenges of working in a remote environment


Wethos will not tolerate behavior which could reasonably considered inappropriate or abusive in a professional setting. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The use of sexualized language or imagery

  • Unwelcome sexual attention or advances

  • Trolling, insulting, or derogatory comments, and personal attacks

  • Harassment based on race, class, gender, sexuality, age, or disability

Client interactions

Talk to clients about project work...

Wethos encourages all team members to interact with clients directly. When interacting with clients, listen actively, demonstrate that you understand their goals and pain points, and be prepared to speak to how your work can help.

...but leave project cost to the DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTS

Because Wethos sets rates (not clients or contractors), we ask that you refrain from discussing project costs in client meetings. If there is a question or concern regarding project costs, please refer clients to their Director of Accounts.

We’ve got your back

Most clients are great to work with. But Wethos does not tolerate abusive behavior from anyone, including clients. If a client says or does something that you feel constitutes abuse or harassment (including sexual harassment), let us know right away.

Project expectations

You are responsible for your own work

Decide for yourself the best way to complete your project tasks, the time you will need to complete the tasks, and when you will work. But communicate often, reliably, and consistently with your Project Manager and team about your availability for meetings and the ongoing status of your tasks. Each team will have access to a dedicated Slack channel for this purpose.

Respond to your team quickly

Do your best to be responsive to any messages, emails, or calls from your team members during an active project. A two-hour response time is a good guideline. Also, while we all try to avoid project crises, sometimes they happen. In the event of an issue, your commitment to being responsive during an active project will ensure that a project will be back on track as quickly as possible.

Meet deadlines

Don’t commit to work that you can’t do. Try to accurately estimate the duration of tasks and set deadlines that you can consistently meet. If you know you are going to miss a deadline or your availability changes during the course of a project, is it your responsibility to provide your Project Manager and team as much advance notice as possible.

Help us improve with each project

Expect that each project will be followed by a short retrospective exercise. Be prepared to contribute a reasonable amount of effort and time helping your team continuously learn and improve.


Standards of behavior

We won’t be jerks

We will always treat you with professionalism, courtesy, and respect.

We’ll ensure you are protected

We will abide by all state and local laws governing the relationship between employers and independent contractors. And regardless of where you live, we will abide by Local Law 140 of 2016 in New York City (The “Freelancing Isn’t Free Law”), which give you:

  • The right to a contract with every project

  • The right to timely payment for completed work

  • The right to protection from retaliation

For more information, see the Freelancers Union website.


We will pay your promptly...

Wethos commits to paying you within 30 days after you submit an invoice for your work. However, we know that not everyone is able to wait 30 days for payment. If you have a problem that requires a pay cycle accommodation, contact the Wethos Teams Community Manager.

...and you’ll always know how much

We will always maintain an up-to-date rate schedule that clearly states the rates you will be paid for different kinds of work. Wethos will notify you right away if rates change.

Project expectations

We will make project expectations clear

For each project, we will clearly describe who the client is, what kind of work is required, what the deliverables are, and any additional requirements that you need to know about to complete your contribution to the project.

We will manage scope creep

If the scope of work for a project changes in flight, we will notify you right away and give you an opportunity to adjust any work estimates accordingly.

Violations of this code

Your responsibilities

Tell us right away

Notify your project manager or the Wethos Teams Community Manager (communitymanager@wethos.co) immediately if you witness someone on your team violating any part of this Code of Conduct.

Our responsibilities

We will respect confidentiality

If you allege to Wethos that someone has violated this Code of Conduct, we will respect your confidentiality. We won’t tell anyone who made the allegation unless you specifically allow us to.

We will observe due process

If someone alleges that you have violated any part of this Code of Conduct, Wethos will notify you right away. Wethos will provide you with an opportunity to speak to the allegation.

We will act

If Wethos determines that a violation has occurred, we will take steps to address the issue. If the violator is a freelancer, we may insist that person no longer participates in additional Wethos Teams projects. If the violator is a client, we may cease doing business with that client. If we’re concerned that the violator may have broken a law, we may contact the authorities.