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Machine Learning Developer

Wethos curates and manages teams of freelance specialists for leading mission-driven organizations. We are building Wethos Teams, a platform that enables independent specialists to join or form temporary micro-agencies to tackle larger, more complex initiatives. We're a fully remote company with a strong culture of trust, freedom and accountability. We're growing our business every month, we're well-funded, and we're investing heavily in our platform.

Job description:

We’re looking for a Machine Learning Developer for the new Wethos Teams platform. Our goal is to provide an integrated set of scoping, networking, project delivery, and payment services that make it incredibly easy for remote, independent specialists to collaborate on teams together. The platform spans functional areas such as professional networking, client relationship management, project scoping and management, and billing. We believe that by removing barriers for clients (finding qualified teams) and freelancers (doing work with their existing networks and finding others to work with), we can unlock a tidal wave of opportunities that are normally reserved for full-service agencies.

As a Machine Learning Developer, you’ll help us extract value from the data our platform collects. You will lead both strategy and execution for applying data to solve real world problems,  like how to recommend the best specialists for project teams, or how to identify at-risk projects. You will be responsible for all processes related to collecting, cleaning, and pre-processing data, training models, and deploying ML code to production. You’ll conduct experiments, perform statistical analysis, fine-tune test results, and train systems as required. You’ll serve as the expert and evangelist for new machine learning techniques and approaches for the rest of the team to ultimately help Wethos redefine what makes a great team.

You will collaborate with:

  • The CEO to understand the vision and the business goals of the platform

  • The Product Manager to understand platform requirements

  • The Product Designer to understand how machine learning can power features on the platform experience

  • The rest of the Development team to manage and deploy code

You are good at:

  • Understanding people, thinking deeply about what factors make them successful on teams

  • Collaborating productively with a small, remote agile team

  • Data structures, data modeling and software architecture

  • Math, probability, statistics and algorithms

  • Machine learning programming in the language of your choice (we like Python but we’re open-minded)

  • Using ML-related libraries like Scikit learn, TensorFlow, Keras, NumPy, Matplotlib, and PyTorch

  • Understanding our business goals, and developing models that help us achieve them, including metrics to track their progress

  • Identifying and troubleshooting potential problems when deploying models to the real world

  • Designing test frameworks for ML models

You may have a background in:

  • Cooperative, multiplayer gaming platforms

  • Future of work platforms

  • Network-based social media/mobile platforms

  • Agency, resource management, or freelance platforms

You care about:

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Leveraging data in an ethical manner

  • Accountability and transparency

Benefits of working with us:

  • We’re remote-friendly (our team is completely distributed)

  • Salary transparency

  • We’re a small but highly skilled team working together to make a cool company into something game-changing

  • Unlimited vacation

  • 5 Sick Days

  • 4 Personal & Mental Health Days

  • 50% Coverage in vision, dental, medical

  • Work from home stipend after 6 months of full-time employment







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