Localized Awareness & Recruitment Campaigns Across The United States

All Voting is Local (AVL) fights to eliminate needless and discriminatory barriers to the ballot before they happen. They empower advocates, organizers and leaders on the ground to equip voters with the tools they need to make their voices heard. AVL works to monitor, expose and prevent actions that suppress the right to vote for Americans historically silenced at the ballot box to achieve a democracy where all voices are heard.


Strategy and Creative Production
4 weeks

Media Run
~1.5 months


All Voting is Local

A Program of the Leadership Conference Education Fund



Luke Hughett Creative Director, Design

Sean Lee Creative Director, Copy

Andi Moller Design Specialist

Ben Pirotte Design Specialist

Allison LaGuardia Traditional Media Specialist

Cynthia Perez Paid Digital & Social Media Specialist

Tifany Brame Team Lead



Poll workers are the backbone of the electoral system, but more than half of U.S. cities and counties have struggled to recruit enough of these workers needed to run free and fair elections.

Lack of poll workers cause long lines at the polls, contributing to the unnecessary barriers for voters casting a ballot. Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, All Voting is Local aimed to increase poll worker sign ups in targeted areas by 10% in order to ensure all people were able to vote on election day.



Four week recruitment campaign targeting citizens in ten counties within four key states.

All Voting Is Local and Wethos launched a 360 campaign in 10 specified counties to empower an audience to become a poll worker - an incredibly important position to make sure our democracy works for all people to vote on election day.



Over 3,000+ people recruited to work in polling stations for the 2018 midterm elections.



People recruited


Spent per recruitment signup across all platforms


Digital conversion rate to become a poll worker


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